• Hey, we actively developing our game Styling Shop VR . The game should be available soon in Oculus AppLab & Sidequest.


  • Description

    The funny and beautiful costume design game is newly launched in the VR world, bringing more realistic and creative gameplay.

    You can choose clothes for your customers, and perform magical and realistic operations on clothes such as dyeing, painting, and writing.

    You can do as she asks, or play tricks on her on purpose.

    Then, there are various accessories such as hats, headwear, shoes, necklaces, wings, earrings, etc.

    You can create a fashion girl in the future world, or an interesting match in the real world.

    If you want to match a cover star, you can.

    If you want to match an alternative catwoman, you can.

    If you want to match an Egyptian mummy, you can.

    If you want to match a Christmas grandma, of course you can.

    In the world of VR, all this becomes more real and full of charm.

    And we will keep updating with new guests, new outfits and more amazing accessories.

    You can make your guests very happy, or make them go crazy.

    Haha, come and enjoy this extraordinary fun and run your photoshop.

  • Videos&Images

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